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Only Days Left Before the Election!

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Liberty and Freedom Fighters

Liberty is something you have to want, it doesn't just happen, you have to fight for it. Liberty Freedom Fighters helps you find the local freedom fighters near you, help you understand why you'd want to, and more!. Why Must I Defend Liberty and Freedom?
Because we have to. And right now is the time.

How are liberty and freedom under attack?
Let us show you!

Welcome to the home of the This site is designed to help you find, meet, and greet the local freedom fighters in your neighborhood, as well as define the differences between Constitutional and Progressive thought. We hope you will either use this system to get involved, or determine which side you want to support, and then get involved. REMEMBER: Failure to choose is a choice that benefits others.

You want a Job?
Time is running out...and elections have consequences.
In a flat world, Tax and Regulation Retard Business
Only Days Before the Election!

Get Involved! Find an Organization Near You!

Liberty FF suggests you try out 2-4 liberty groups in your area. Meet the folks involved, and find the organization that is right for you!
We are all on the same team, so which ever team you join, you help the cause....
liberty organizationsliberty organizationsliberty organizations

Get Smarter!

liberty organizationsliberty organizationsliberty organizations

Proud Members of the "Formerly Silent" Majority!
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