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Politics is an Industry

Just like any good industrial sector, Politics, has pretty good numbers. Per FEC Data, as of 4/19/2012, more than $1.2 trillion had been spent on this election cycle in political contributions. Let's compare that to Industrial Gross Output, or Output by Industry, before taxes and such, and we find some interesting things. Very few industries generate more cash, prior to costs, than we see in contributions (the red area in the graph).

Source Data
Politics is Three to Four times the Size of Mining, Oil & Gas, the Agriculture Industry or Utility Industry. No wonder they are fighting for their lives.

Politics, as an industrial sector, is larger than: Arts, Information, Transportation, and Wholesale Trade. These folks are larger players in the political game, but still don't have adequate say.

Politics, just looking at contributions, is about the same size as: Education, Retail Trade, and Construction. Accordlingly, these industries have very large political funding machines.

Politics is an industry of similar size to: Business Services, Real Estate.

Politics is a small industry, roughly One Half the size of, ALL Fed, State, and Local Government expenditure.

Politics is One Fourth the size of the following industries: Finance / Insurance, and Manufacturing. Yes, the finance and insurance industries are as large as the manufacturing industry in the USA.

If you want your voice to be heard, you are going to have to pay to play. Politics is an industry now!
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